Our Oils


Our mission is to provide you with an escape from the rigors and stress of life in the city and to restore you in body, mind, and spirit.

  • 60 mins ¥258

    Aroma Oil Body Massage 90 mins ¥368

    Delicately textured aroma oil combined with the gentle and wonderful touch of our therapists, relieves your muscle tension, improves circulation, and offers you a unique and easy journey that will leave you in a state of bliss.

  • 60 mins ¥298

    Zen Signature Massage 90 mins ¥428

    Abandon the hustle and bustle of the city and escape. Zen, inspired by ancient Buddhism, applies aroma essential oil with eastern relief pressure therapy to provide a firm and deep tissue treatment, facilitating internal channel circulation in your body and thoroughly relieving muscle fatigue and tension, offering a completely refreshing and robust state after the therapy.

  • Traditional Chinese Massage 60 mins ¥178

    Traditional Chinese therapy techniques, activate your body and improve your circulation to balance the internal secretions of your body.

  • Foot Reflexology with Aroma Oil 60 mins ¥178

    A combination of traditional foot reflexology and plant essential oil, facilitates blood circulation of the feet, enhances immune system, and mitigates foot chapping.

  • Soul Restoration 90 mins ¥268

    Chinese body massage with a 30-minute foot or head and shoulder relief treatment, recommended by ZEN to restore your body state immediately, readying you for every upcoming challenge. (Chinese body therapy 60 mins + Head & Shoulder 45 mins).

  • Soul Relaxation 45 mins ¥248

    In complete serenity, two therapists will simultaneously provide you premium massage; stimulate your blood circulation to relieve foot swelling, and also gently relieve tension in your head and shoulder, making you feel immediately refreshed and recharged. (Foot reflexology 45 mins + Head & Shoulder 45 mins).

  • Light Aroma 90 mins ¥348

    After experiencing one-hour of aroma oil treatment, complete the journey with 30-minute head and shoulder or foot relief therapy, recommended by ZEN to give full relaxation to your body. This is particularly suitable for the those haunted by fatigue. (Aroma Oil Body Treatment 60 mins + Head & Shoulder or Foot 30 mins).

  • Hot Stone Energy Therapy 90 mins ¥498

    Hot stone energy therapy is originated from Hawaii, using the natural graystone with excellent heat preservation, helped by essential oil of aromatic plant. The deepest massage may increase circulation of obstructed lymph and vein, and balance body energy, dredge the meridians, improve the functions of human body, increase immunity, and recover the youth of cells. Applicable groups: muscle-bound, insomnia, limbs cold, hypoimmunity, constipation, and endocrine dyscrasia, etc.

  • Peeling Beauty 120 mins ¥568

    Peel the dark cover, show your smooth and tender skin, as it should originally be! ZEN provides a 90 minute aroma oil treatment after 30-minute full-body scrub, especially designed for dark and coarse skin, offering totally new infant-like tender skin for you immediately. (Peeling 30 mins + Aroma Body Treatment 90 mins).

  • Flashing Time 90 mins ¥650

    90-minute aroma oil body treatment is presented to you by two therapists together, saving your time for relief and relaxation, offering double tender care, allowing you to forget the flashing lapse of time. Every moment lingers only for ZEN.

  • Falling Leaf Massage 120 mins ¥358

    Therapists apply skilled techniques to provide one-hour foot reflexology to facilitate blood circulation in the lower part of your body and to help relieve the swelling and pain in your feet, and based on the pressure of the reflex points, in the next one-hour Chinese body therapy on key parts of your body to significantly mitigate discomfort of muscle and bone. (Foot Reflexology with Aroma Oil 60 mins + Chinese Body Treatment 60 mins).

  • Five Flavor Experience 120 mins ¥438

    One-hour oil foot reflexology and one-hour aroma oil body treatment allow you to feel transcended, immersed in tranquil aroma, the gentle touch of therapists, and warmth of essential oil. The combination will leave you renewed. (Foot with Aroma Oil 60 mins + Aroma Oil Body Treatment 60 mins).

  • 2 hour Synchronized Therapy 120 mins ¥788

    Two skilled therapists will provide you 90-minute aroma oil body treatment with synchronized strength and rhythm. In the next half an hour, the tow therapists will respectively provide you shoulder relaxation and leg relief therapy,presenting to you double treatment in two hours.(Aroma Oil Body Treatment 90 mins + Head & Shoulder/Foot 30 mins).